Ideal for kids, the physically challenged or those who just want to add some “bounce” to their game, QubicaAMF DuraBowl bumpers offer superb durability and reliability that has made them the industry’s best. And now the best is even better, thanks to an improved material with an impact strength ten times more than before. So why waste time and money fussing with anything less?

Look for these exclusive features and benefits:

Industry’s-Best Performance

DuraBowl bumper rails last longer and provide a livelier bounce than any other bumpers on the market. Over the past ten years they’ve set an undisputed performance benchmark for the industry.

Outstanding Durability

Heavy-gauge steel uprights and base ensure DuraBowl bumpers can take the day-by-day punishment even the busiest centers dish out.

Near Maintenance-Free Operation

The ultra-reliable, pneumatic, auto-opening mechanism on DuraBowl bumpers requires virtually no attention, saving you tons of maintenance overhead.

Bowler Activated Response

DuraBowl bumpers can be activated by lane from the front desk, or by the bowler from the scoring console. They can be set to automatically go up and down based on the individual bowler. That makes it super-easy to give players of different skill levels the nonstop action they want.

A Choice of Colors

DuraBowl bumper rails and gutters come in brown or grey to suit your existing décor.

Xtreme Bumper Light Upgrade

Delight players and enhance open play with this colorful enhancement, which is not only durable, but works with the bumpers up or down.

DuraBowl Bumpers Run the Competition Off the Rail

Enjoy industry-leading durability you’ll never have to worry about, with performance and fun bowlers will rave about. Insist on but top-quality DuraBowl bumpers in your center?