Glow lanes can draw in families and casual players like a magnet. Yet so many products on the market lack punch, the durability you demand, and the performance to please more competitive bowlers. There’s a solution that delivers “the whole package,” to help you bring more customers in and back again. A lane with the unique high impact visual glow designs that will excite your bowlers, along the durability you can appreciate. It’s time to take a closer look at MAD Lanes from QubicaAMF.

Only MAD Lanes deliver these unique features and benefits:

World’s Finest Visual Impact

We mean the kind of sizzle that stirs players to bowl more, spend more, and talk more about your center. Look for:   

Unique, vibrant glow designs

Unlike other “blah” glow bowling designs, MAD Lanes offer exciting experiences that families and casual bowlers will love.

Glow effects on the approach

Provides for thrilling play from the very first step.

Choice of patterns

Pick one. Or mix them to add even more flair.

Exceptional Durability

MAD Lanes don’t just look amazing. They make a serious long-term investment, offering:   

Ideal first lane joint placement

The first joint in any MAD Lane installation is 12 ft (3.66 meters) from the foul line so it is out of the normal ball impact zone. This minimizes the potential of experiencing joint damage from ball impacts.

Overlap pin deck

Our exclusive overlap pin deck design prevents shifting and panel damage.

Optimal installation

At QubicaAMF, we always replace the worn ball impact section of your old wooden lane with a new solid underlayment. This ensures your new MAD Lanes will have the foundation necessary to provide you long, trouble-free performance.

Great Performance

Along with durability you’ll appreciate, MAD Lanes offer the performance your competitive bowlers will love

Light-and-dark board line patterns

They’ll help bowlers aim and target better and knock down more pins.

A textured approach

Closely matching the “play” of real wood, MAD Lanes approaches reduce “sticking” and ensure a better experience for your bowlers.

Seamless slide area

Eliminating bowler obstructions in the slide area and the potential for unsightly wear areas over time.

World-leading support

At QubicaAMF we understand that lanes are a huge part of your bowling investment and profitability. That’s why we offer unparalleled support that includes:

Warranty done right

MAD Lanes are 100% guaranteed. We have been supporting our lane installations for 20+ years.

Dare to Compare

How do QubicaAMF MAD Lanes stack up? See for yourself.

Drive Major Business and Excitement with MAD Lanes

No other company offers a product with the visual impact, broad player appeal, durability and assurance of MAD Lanes. So choose QubicaAMF, and make your center more popular and profitable than any other.