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One thing our years of experience in the business has shown is that the modern course must include water, elevation changes, an element of skill and an element of fun. By combining skill and fun with the Championship Systems courses, our courses not only draw your customers in once, but keep them coming back. 
New and exciting designs are always a part of each new course. nearly every hole has multiple elevations that give the players a variety of ways to play every hole. 
But as we have made the holes more challenging, we had to come up with a way to make the course playable for beginner putters and young children. There is nothing more frustrating to a child or a mom than constantly not being able to putt out the ball before hitting the course stroke limit per hole (usually 6). To avoid this, we've developed the Championship style miniature golf course. It uses three cups instead of just the standard 4" white cup. While each hole has a white cup, around half of the holes have a 5" Red penalty cup on the harder holes. These cups are strategically placed where the young and beginner putters will end up next to them. As printed on the score cards and at the start of the course, the cup is a one stroke penalty for everyone over 12 years old but not for children. This allows beginner putters to make the ball in an easier cup rather than always picking up the ball in frustration. 
The last cup is an Orange bonus cup that is an all or nothing shot at a 2" cup. If made, the player can deduct a stroke from his score. Because of its placement, if the putt is missed, it will send the ball into a worse position to putt back to the standard cup costing them a stroke. Remember, fun is a big part of miniature golf and the Championship style makes sure the whole family has a great time!