When the competition gets serious, automatic foul detectors keep the game fair and square. So insist on the best—Radaray from QubicaAMF. The Radaray XLi and Radaray Plus are the world’s most trouble-free, cost-effective foul detectors on the market. Both provide an LED foul light and audible alarm, are engineered for years of reliable performance, and add immensely to the sporting value of your center. In addition, the Radaray XLi has a unique feature allowing it to be set to provide an audible alarm warning only, without affecting the score, perfect to warn open play bowlers.

Look for these distinctive features and benefits:

Easy Installation

QubicaAMF Radaray Foul Detectors install easily on top of the approach and align very quickly. They’ll be up and running in minutes!

Low-Power, Near-Maintenance-Free Performance

Our detectors use very little energy to save you money, and are so well designed that they require almost zero attention from you or your mechanics.

Reliable Operation

These units are not sensitive to ambient light or dust particles, which virtually eliminates false triggers and frayed nerves. 

The Radaray XLi is designed specifically to work with XLi pinspotters, while the Radaray Plus is designed to work with all other pinspotter machines.