Static QubicaAMF MASQ displays are great for decking out your center. But many bowlers, especially the young, are multimedia-savvy and want to see a world in motion. Now you can give them all the action they want with a Video MASQ System from QubicaAMF. Superior to standard set-ups offered by the competition, these displays deliver stunning imagery and help bring more customers into your center.

Look for these valuable features and benefits:

A Streamlined, Fully Integrated Design

With the QubicaAMF Video MASQ System, the Video MASQ projector screen is custom designed to integrate with the masking unit, eliminating complexity and guesswork. Video MASQ screens are motorized and automatically lower/raise when the projector is turned on/off.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Our Video MASQ screens are 16:9 high definition format, ideal for watching widescreen high-definition video without unsightly blank bars above and below the image.

Enhanced Clarity

QubicaAMF Video MASQ screens incorporate a special “high-gain” coating that works with the projector to deliver eye-opening clarity.

Smooth Screen-to-Screen Transition

There’s only a minimal 2.75” black border between consecutive Video MASQ screens. So when your customers look from lane to lane, all they’ll see is one span of vibrant video.

Ceiling Mountable Video MASQ Projector Screens Available

For those desiring to bring the excitement of video and media to their center without purchasing the complete MASQ unit with video screen integrated, we offer the video MASQ screen in a ceiling mountable version.

Commercial-Grade High-Definition Projectors

We offer several styles of projectors. All are commercial grade, high definition to provide the kind of high-impact high-def entertainment your customers demand.

Enliven Your Center with Truly Vivid Video

Don’t sit still for anything less than jaw-dropping multimedia in motion. Bring your bowlers out of their seats with our Video MASQ system.