It’s fast. It’s exciting. It’s compact. And it’s a destination activity sure to have customers flocking to your bowling or family entertainment center. It’s Highway66 from QubicaAMF! A stand-alone attraction that truly stands apart, Highway66 requires no special shoes, lane conditioning, oils or maintenance. All it takes is a place like yours where people want to come to have fun!

Look for these exclusive features and benefits:

World-Leading Small-Scale Bowling

With more than 15 years of presence in the market, and over 3,000 lanes running worldwide, only QubicaAMF offers the proven money-making potential this investment provides.

A Variety of Can’t Miss Games

Highway66 offers games well suited to high-traffic areas, like the Tenpin Tour or Turkey Shoot, a very fast walk-up game that’s nearly irresistible. This attraction will be a magnet for all customer types.

High-Performance, Low-Maintenance Investment

Powered by the proven reliability of our TMS pinspotting machine, Highway66 is virtually maintenance-free, and requires no dedicated technician.

On-Lane Advertising

Supercharge your revenues by promoting your center or other businesses through colorful onscreen pop-up marketing.

Glow in the Dark Lanes

Light up your center with glowing lanes, pins and balls.

Multiple Payment Options

Watch the profits roll in with hands-free payment methods that include coin or front desk control, a bill acceptor or debit card interface.

Redemption Option

Is your facility running a redemption program? With Highway66 you can add a ticket dispenser on each lane.

Exciting Extras

QubicaAMF makes it easy to tailor Highway66 to your center and business strategy, with overhead LCD monitors, electric bumpers, plus coordinated furniture and signage.

Let Highway66 Accelerate Your Revenues

Scaled down bowling offering pumped up profitability and almost no maintenance. A proven draw for a wide range of customers. A long lifecycle and very attractive ROI. Take the road “best” traveled with Highway66 from QubicaAMF.