No matter how great a game of bowling you offer, many players want more than just ten frames. They want an experience. So give them what they crave with Xtreme Lighted Capping by QubicaAMF. And show them that yours is the best place to spend their time and money.

Look for these exclusive features and benefits:

Unmatched Visual Impact

Our Xtreme Lighted Capping solution includes an amazing 320 LED lights per run for an absolutely stunning display. In addition, the lights sit slightly above the surface of the capping to create maximum visibility and impact across the center. Other systems, where the lighting is flush with the capping, cannot duplicate this same impact.

A Variety of Special Effects

Choose from 16 standard pre-set patterns to create just the right effect to suit special occasions, the type of play, or the mood of your players. Make your center come alive!

Convenient Operation

Select the lighting patterns and sequences right from the front desk using the DMX controller. It couldn’t be any easier.

Xtreme Durability

QubicaAMF Xtreme Lighted Capping is built so well it’s virtually indestructible, and uses low-voltage LED bulbs for a long life span. They make an excellent long-term investment.

Want to Keep them Coming Back? We Can Help Light the Way

Spectacular visuals. Exceptional ease of use. Our famous quality and reliability. QubicaAMF’s Xtreme Lighted Capping puts on a great show, and puts more bowlers in your center too.